maandag 15 augustus 2011

Baby baby baby


how's it going? enjoying the summer? have you been away? weather has been super shitty here! but you know me, i am enjoying anyway. i'm just a positive guy.

been working hard, things are great. hb recordings are sort of done, looking for someone to mix em. i had a guy in dallas but couldn't make it work. now i found someone in new york, john agnello. he's very good, quite expensive though. i am looking into making that work. re that: you having moved to a new office, would it still be possible for marc and me to spend like 5 or 6 nights there, or is that not possible anymore in the new setting. it would be from sept 11th on. i am trying to make cut expenses so we have more n more budget for the mixing. man, there's a huge difference in prices between dallas and new york studios. shieet!


vlnr: Brenda, De HB frisbee (foto: Mirte Slaats)

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